The Story is Yours... Do Share!

Formerly known as: Dear Diary, Signed Anonymous.

The social experience where strangers anonymously exchange diaries. Launched using Kickstarter, our project was completely funded and our writers are eagerly ready to write, read and inspire.

**UPDATE. There will be another round of Dear Diary, Signed Anonymous in 2011. Stay Tuned for more Info of you would like to participate.**


Jennifer Schleicher
Kathy Scalise
Dindy Yokel
Jen Whitfield
Mark Pritchard
Ryan Moore
and to my very first backer... MOM (You know who you are)

Your pledges and your support is awe so-inspiring to me as each of you are complete strangers.. but with your assistance and willingness to help take part of the launching of a great social experience makes everything much more heartfelt.

Thank You.

Anonymous asked: I have shared with some friends this project and they are so excited about it. Wondering if you will do it again and if so, how do I connect people with the project. Thanks!

WOW. It’s always great to hear when there others who are wanting to participate in this project… There are plans for a follow-up with the original writers next year… At that time, we can expand the project from the initial 60 writers to anyone else who would like to join in. This blog will be the best way to keep up-to-date with everything thats going on and I still have everyone’s contact info so I will contact you all directly when the time nears to give you first dibs on moving forward as well as the  opportunity to get others involved. 

This also gives us the opportunity to work out any kinks and issues that we all came across with the first project to make it even bigger and better the next time around…. Kickstarter will be the place to meet up.

Thanks for spreading the word and for participating!!!!! 

Anonymous asked: I am done finally and will send my journal out this week. I am wondering, can we get it back? I would love to send out my journal to everyone who wants to read it, but am wondering when we are done who gets it? Love this project thanks so much for creating the opportunity.

You’re Done. Thats Great News!!! Well, to be honest, the intentions behind the project was to never really receive your original journal/diary back. It’s an exchange with a stranger from anywhere in the world who as participated in this project with you. It could be one of 60 different people - so I am unsure who will get it… Just know that a piece of you will be in the heart of a stranger… forever. 

However, it appears that a lot of people are interested in knowing “the rest of the story..” What happened after all of the pages were filled and the journal was exchanged? Life didn’t just stop for you did it? We’re thinking of a follow-up on their lives: (Your Lives) 1 Year Later so that we all can catch up on what happened to eachother. 

I really appreciate you for participating.. 

I’m about a 3rd of the way finished, but this exciting and motivating news to be more diligent in my writing :)  Looking forward to the exchange soon!

The First Diary for The Exchange:

Is here and in my possession!!!! The best part of the project is finally upon us… How is everyone else coming along? Almost finished? No where near finished? If you are ready for the exchange… you can definitely start sending them back and I will mail them back out in pairs of two

Remember there are 60 diaries/journals out there floating around the world. 60 different stories, 60 different lives…. Atleast ONE Exchange is promised. Other exchanges as participants allow.

A few things: 

Sending them back through The USPS (United States Postal Service) with delivery confirmation (so that we can track the package) maybe the most cost effective. It cost no more than about $6 bucks tops for me to mail them out to you domestically

However, if you choose to return them back using UPS, FEDEX, DHL or any other courier service, they typically do NOT deliver to PO BOXES in which the PO BOX is the address in which you will need to return the diary/journal. If thats the case, it’s still not problem just address it as follows:

The Story is Yours C/O (In care of) 

R. Steward

PO BOX 7143

Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

And I can pick them up locally at any UPS, FEDEX, DHL store. 

Project Update

I have just a couple of more diaries available…. If anyone knows someone who would still like to participate shoot me an email to with that person’s name and address and I’ll mail it out to them. As long as they’re in the USA. 

These are a few diaries that are remaining from the initial creation. I do receive occasional email inquiries from people requesting to participate in the project and I will continue to send those out as I can — so the writing portion of this project is still sort of on-going. 

This means that writers will be returning these diaries/journals back at different times and in some cases, much later than those who originally started the project. Due to this, the exchange process may run a little bit longer than the initial 2 months that I suggested. Everyone who sends it back will have the opportunity to exchange hands atleast once and with time and other participant’s willing… maybe a few more times thereafter. 

Anonymous asked: I got my diary when I got home from vacation, but I haven't started yet. I really want to do this. How much time do I have?

I’m still sending out diaries/journals now to begin the writing process, so you still have time to participate. Every diary/journal has to atleast exchange hands once (that’s the goal) so…. definitely start and as long as you send it back to the address listed, we’ll make sure that it gets exchanged. Depending on how frequently you choose to write, with the 30 pages in each diary, you could be finish the writing portion of the project sooner rather than later — it’s up to you. 

Anonymous asked: I didn't receive the instructional email, can you send it to me?

Hi. Due to the fact the message came in as anonymous, I’m unsure as to who sent it…. So, I’ll just post the email here: 


I would like to extend my dearest THANKS for helping this 

project come to life. I really appreciate everyone’s patience while 

the diaries were being hand-made. The final product will be in your 

mailboxes over the next couple of days through the next week or 

two depending on your present point on the map. 

You can visit the website at for any 

updates pertaining to the project. 

Once you receive your diary… or journal - If you 

look on the very last page in the lower right hand column, there 

should be a number associated with your diary. PLEASE 

REMEMBER IT. This is the only way we can identify you as who 

you are. 

The blank gray piece on top of the diary is for the TITLE OF 

YOUR LIFE’S STORY. Name it as you please. 

The sign in sheet is the First and Last pages of dark gray pages in 

the diary. This comes in handy through the exchange process. 

A couple of ground rules to remember: 

No Incrimination 

Have fun with this project. Be creative and as open as you want 

as your identity will never be revealed unless you decide to give up 

the cookies. 

There will be an address posted on the website to return the diary 

for exchanging soon but take your time and enjoy the next month 

or two with your writing. 

If you can… take photos of you writing in your diaries. Places it’s 

traveled with you and submit them on the website using the 

submit button or email them to me at   - 

Any comments or questions, don’t hesitate to ask. 

Thanks everyone! I hope you enjoy. 

The Return Address.

Hi All —

Most of you all should be wrapping things up with the journals/diaries and some of you are just getting started… and we have a couple who will be getting started soon. 

In either case, whenever you are ready to start the exchange process the address to return your journal/diary is: 

PO Box 7143

Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

If you can, it may help to include a delivery confirmation on your return package so that we can track it along the way to ensure it’s safe arrival. 

Remember to keep everything anonymous, we are only using your journal/diary numbers for identification purposes. 

Anonymous asked: If I wanted to participate in your diary exchange, is it too late? Or can I still pledge?

Although the actual pledging part is over on Kickstarter, I had a few “just-in-case” diaries made… So yes, you can still participate.

Everyone has another full month or so of writing.. you should fit right in as I’ve recently picked up a couple of other late-comers.. So, shoot me an email to along with a name & mailing address (yours or whomever you choose to be in this case) and I’ll respond with more info. 

Anonymous asked: Hi there! I got my journal, it's beautiful! In the information elsewhere on the site here, you explained that the shipment would include an opt-in sheet if we are okay having exerpts included in the book at the end. Mine did not include that, should I just put in a note telling you I'm okay with it?

Thanks, am excited to fill it up!!

Yeah… After quite a bit of thinking, I made the decision to not include the opt-in sheet for the book, A Collection of Thoughts by Strangers. I wanted to focus on the mission behind the actual project along with the experience itself rather than the process of revealing excerpts by strangers on a larger scale. In other words, it kinda takes the fun out of it by having the ability to simply purchase a book and reading the private thoughts of others…. This is an intimate project that requires participation on both ends not just one. 

Thanks for asking and I’m excited as well. I just started this weekend. 

Anonymous asked: I just got my diary, so I can start writing correct? How long do we get to write?

Go for it. You have a couple of months to write so take your time.. some may want to write everyday and others may wanna write every few days, it’s up to you. The only requirement in the project is no incrimination…lol. Have fun and Do as you please. 

The Last Shipment…

Went out today… That means everyone has been accounted for… The remaining of the writers in the United States should all have their diaries sometime next week and the overseas writers should have them soon thereafter. 

That was a lot of packaging but now its time to get busy. 

Summer Writing now begins.

Fun. Fun. Fun. 

The Second Shipment….

Went out over the weekend…. and 1 more to go!!!!!!! 

It’s here!

My diary arrived today in the mailbox. Thank you for thinking this up (and the diary itself is lovely).

First shipment went out today….  As you can see, we’re working on a diary number system. All packages are being shipped via USPS 1st class mail. 

First shipment went out today….  As you can see, we’re working on a diary number system. All packages are being shipped via USPS 1st class mail.